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Free Album: S.Keen – This Is My Intro


Everybody says they want to be different, change the game, or break the mold of the normal. Sdotkeen even used these words when explaining his style not realizing he sounded similar to artists that were out there.

With Sdotkeen’s third project “This is my Intro”, he truly flipped the script. Not using any samples or music or instruments to make the tracks for all the songs. Everything was done acapella. With vocals, beatbox, harmonies placed in a way that gives the illusion of sampled music. Then he added dope lyrics with a vibe some might say is low key and creative. He calls it Acapella style, but it might be Hip-Harmony!

Hope you enjoy the ride.


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About S.Keen:

S.Keen is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and poet who definitely has an ear for music. S.Keen has been really busy this past year working on multiple projects. He just finished working with a talented producer from France (Bonafide Beatz). And had released his Debut album Urban Lit: Subject #1 in Jan. 2012. S.Keen’s sound is not the normal, and he prides himself on his creativity. He always says he is not the best or would never claim to be, but he has those one-liners. In S.Keen’s younger years, he played the drums and bass. He also messed around with the keys when he felt the urge. His singing background has not been heard really, but on certain tracks he laces the vibe with soulful harmonies and tones. S.Keen is looking forward to creating new vibes for all genres. Mixing words with life is one of his many sayings. Come join him on this ride of twists and turns we call creativity.

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Video: Roach Gigz – “Gina” + Limited Edition 4-CD/T-Shirt Release 09.27.2011
spacer Bitch, I’m A Player, Roachy Balboa 1 +2, Buckets & Booty Calls Receive Limited Edition Physical Release spacer

Critical Praise for Roach Gigz:

“Roach’s new Bitch, I’m A Player EP is a lot of fun, a high-energy onslaught of sex-brags and self-deprecating jokes… It’s a nice little portrait of a rapper dizzily in love with the art of rapping, and with the places that his gift can take him.” – Pitchfork

“Here’s to the new age of rap. And Roach Gigz. Who is awesome.” – The FADER

The Video:

Still riding high off the success of his recent, Bitch, I’m A Player, Roach Gigz is excited to release not only the latest video from the EP, for the song “Gina”, but also announce a limited-edition 4-disc release for the EP. The package includes not only Bitch, I’m A Player but also Roach’s fan-favorite Roachy Balboa: Round 1, Roachy Balboa: Round 2, and his debut solo mixtape Buckets & Booty Calls. Along with the limited edition package, Roach is also including a T-Shirt (both men’s and women’s sizes available), and Roach will be personally signing each CD for fans.

The limited edition items can be purchased directly from Roach’s website, with a handful of bundles available to fans, depending on what they’re looking for. For $25 fans can get the 4-disc set, personally signed by Roach. T-Shirts, by themselves, are available for $20 a piece, and for Roach’s most loyal fans, there’s an option to buy both the signed 4-disc set and a T-Shirt for $35. “I’ve always released my music free,” says Roach, “so fans could hear my music without breaking their pockets. But I finally wanted to give fans the option to buy the CD; throw it in their car, hold the packaging in their hands. It’s all about finding ways to make my music a more enjoyable experience for my fans – they’re the ones that have helped me get here.”

To celebrate the limited edition physical release, Roach Gigz is also releasing the video for “Gina,” the latest single from Bitch, I’m A Player, and the latest in what expects to be a long line of visuals still to come from the Bay Area rapper’s debut EP. While the Kreayshawn-directed clip for “F A Chorus” caught Roach live in action, rapping all over New York City’s Times Square, the video for “Gina” follows the song’s suggestively endearing plot line, as Roach weaves his salacious tales. “The lyrics to the song are really what inspired the video,” explains Roach, who pulled in long time friend and collaborator Young Remedy to direct. “I wanted to bring the story to life and keep it creative.”

Watch the video for “Gina” here:

Purchase the 4-disc limited edition CD and T-Shirt bundles:

Download Roach Gigz’s Bitch, I’m A Player here: 13Dma

Free Ep: Has-Lo – Illegally Yours
Illegal Promo & MMG Give Away Has-Lo Ep

The News:
After Has-Lo‘s  brilliant debut, In Case I Don’t Make It,   the producer/emcee has stayed busy working on his upcoming project, a re-envisioning of ICIDMI, entitled Conversation B.  To hold fans over until the November 15th release of Conversation B,  Has-Lo decided to team up with Illegal Promo to put out some music from his vaults.  The result, Illegally Yours, a free ep.
About the Ep:
 Fidgeting in his dusty archives, Has-Lo found some gems that made their way onto the project ”Illegally Yours”.   The five track ep highlights work Has-Lo had done prior to his debut album release.  Illegally Yours features production from Odin Smith, DJ Soulclap, Danny Diggs, and Has-Lo himself, along with a feature from iCON the Mic King.
Enjoy the free EP, feel free to post & share! 

[Free Ep Download]
Has-Lo “Illegally Yours”

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Has-Lo “In Case I Don’t Make It”


Speed of Life (Volume 1) Cover

The Dub Below

(Outkast x Dubstep Remix)

Presented by The Notes Music Group & SMKA

DL/Listen: SoundCloud x Bandcamp 

Produced & Mixed by Justin Padron


Artwork by Esperanza-ATL

Mastered by Max “Bedroom” Unruh


The Dub Below Track List:

01. Black Ice X Ellie Goulding – Lights

02. Rosa Parks X Rusko – Everyday

03. Bombs Over Baghdad X Freestylers – Cracks

04. International Players Anthem X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)

05. Wheelz Of Steel X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)

06. Jazzybelle X J Padron (Dubstep Remix)

07. Skew It On The Bar-b X Dillon Francis – Swagger Jagger (Remix)